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Page 6 - The Torah prohibits these things

The Torah strictly forbids usury.

The Torah prohibits moving a boundary stone.
The Torah prohibits the use of unfair measures or weights.
The Torah prohibits the taking of the mother from a bird's nest.
The Torah prohibits us to eat  the meat of dead or lacerated animals and birds.
The Torah prohibits us to eat blood and meat with blood.
The Torah prohibits us from eating earth and water vermins.
The Torah prohibits incest, ie, marriages between relatives (3M 18).
It is not appropriate to judge on the word of only one witness.
P.S. The students asked me What is Sefer Torah?
The Text of Torah (Five Books of Moses) is written on parchment with hebrew quadratic letters without vocalization (nikud, stippling) and wound on two wooden poles we call the Sefer Torah, or the Holy Scroll.
The Sefer Torah in the kenasa is kept according to ancient Karaite custom in a round, hexagonal box.

Karaites take the Sefer  Torah for reading out of the Hekhal only during the Great Holidays and during the days of Holy Assembly.