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Page 34 - What is the independence and separateness of the Karaites based on


What is the independence and separateness of the Karaites based on?


The Independence and separateness of the Karaites consists of the following:

1) Karaites do not practice intermarriages with followers of Talmudism, this also means with the followers of other religions.

2) The Karaite house of prayer - the kenasa differs from the synagogues of the Talmudists, just like the Karaite prayers differ from the prayers of the Talmudists.

3) Karaites eat meat with dairy products, but this is strictly prohibited for Talmudists. The rabbis strictly prohibit this.

4) It is forbidden for Talmudists to eat food prepared by Karaites.

5) Talmudists ​​in direct opposite to the Karaites celebrate feasts that are not mentioned in the Bible, such as Hanukkah and Lag BaOmer.

6) Talmudists ​​in contrary to the Karaites keep fasts which are not mentioned in the Bible, such as the fast of the17th of Tamuz and the fast of the 9th of Av (Tisha Beav).

7) Karaites only celebrate the feast of Weeks - Shavuot on Sunday, because it is written: on the day after the day of rest (Shabbat).  Talmudists ​​ celebrate the feast of Weeks on various days of week.

8) Karaites ​​in contrary of the adherents of Talmudism celebrate the feasts for one day only, more precisely only on the day which the feast occurs according to the observation of the new moon or according to the date decided by the pre-calculated Karaite calendar. 
Talmudists ​​celebrate some feasts for two days, others only on the days appointed by their rabbis, for example Passover according to the rabbis of Tamudists cannot fall on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

9) Karaites bury the deceased in coffins, which are conjoined by nails , ​​in contrary of adherents of Talmudism, who according to the rabbinic book Yore dea (Path of Knowledge) - tractate hilkhot kevura, paragraph 362 do not bury deceased in coffins, but put them into the pit by the back on the ground , and cover the body from the sides and top with planks.

10) It is inappropriate to attend the ceremonies  of the Talmudists such as tashlikh, kaparot and tefillin.

11) The above mentioned facts even Talmudists admit, for example the Jewish scientist Klyatchko in his book about the interpretation of the Jewish Law on page 121 writes: The Karaite sect has nothing to do with the adherents of Talmudism. L. M. Shachray in his book The History of Israel (No. 4 page 27) writes: Talmudists impose on Karaites the curse (kherem). Karaism is revealed to be useful, because it once again aroused the love and the desire to teach and to study the Bible, which was pushed to second place by the Talmudists

The scientist recognizes that the Karaites engage only in the Bible and therefore they named themselves Karaim and others also called them this name.